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Last update:  5 January 2002r.
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      Mentat is an english to english dictionary for Amiga computers, based on Longman Natural English Dictionary. The main purpose of this program is to help people translate long texts with informal english (like books, stories etc.). For some of You it can be quite hard to understand why english2english and not english2polish or english2german. First of all it's usefull for everyone - in french, germany, japan and so on. It's also the only way to understand a real meaning of some words.
Later there will be possiblity to add native dictionares if only there will be people willing to do such a thing.
      Full version of Mentat has a bit less then 60 000 words. You can find every word in seconds, copy it description to editor, find related words, find whole group of words by giving their base name etc.

  • MUI 3.8 (MagicUserInterface)
  • NList (aminet/dev/mui/MCC_NList0_89.lha)
  • Textinput (textinput version only) ftp.vapor.com/pub/misc
  • CPU MC68020 or better (well, I know MUI can work on 68000 but...)
  • 24 MB on HD or CD
  • 2.5 MB of RAM (usage can be reduced to 500 KB if someone will request - of course with much less flexibilty)


      Full documentation is in main archive in form of amigaguide. When (and if) it will grow up i'll add more visual guide in form of HTML. Now just take a look at screenshots (to know how it works and looks like).


Mentat Snapshot 1 Here you can see the Main Window - well there is no much more to say, just click on it to see full size picture.
Still the same Main Window (but with different word ;) ) with opened Related Words listview. Mentat Snapshot 2
Mentat Snapshot 3 And here you can see Founded Words listview and part of the Preference Window.
Plenty of records in dictionary are like in encyclopedia - here is a small example with search window (where you can find whole group of words with the same beginning). Mentat Snapshot 4


      You can register Mentat (with all future updates) by sending 10 EURO on my account (or equivalent of 10 EURO in dollars, pounds or german marks directly to me) and all required data by email or by filling form below.
My account:
        PKO BP I-O Wroclaw, Poland
        94 10205226 415790478
My adress:
        Adrian Siemieniak
        ul.Litewska 24/9
        51-354 Wroclaw
Send me key-number at
I have send money
on bank account
in mail
date of sending money


      The newest version - Mentat 0.7. Since 0.5 you can download data and executable files separetly. Mentat_data.lha contains data files with words on letter "a" and "b", Mentat.lha all needed MUI classes, executable, documentation and localization. (old version are only for historical reasons)
232 KB program files (LHA format)
842 KB data files (LHA format)
738 KB data files (LZX format)

223 KB Mentat 0.6 (LHA format)
199 KB Mentat 0.5.2 program files (LHA format)
1031 KB Mentat 0.4 + data (LHA format)
15 KB Mentat 0.3 only main program.
745 KB Mentat 0.2 + data
For registered users: Key-number   

    Version - 0.7 (5 Jan 2002)
  • [FIX] Some fixes of old/new bugs
  • [NEW] Library updates (and code update to fit)
  • [NEW] New WWW page, email etc.
    Version - 0.6 (25 Nov 2001)
  • [NEW] ARexx interface (4 commands)
  • [NEW] ARexx scripts to connect Mentat with CygnusED, AWeb, IBrowse
  • [NEW] Printing
  • [NEW] Spanish and Czech localization
  • [NEW] Visual improvements
  • [FIX] like always there are some
  • [FIX] some tiny opimizations
    Version - 0.5.x (08 Jul 2000)
  • [NEW] search options (in main window and in new Search Window)
  • [NEW] localization (like for now only polish one)
  • [NEW] documentation (english and polish one)
  • [NEW] new data format
  • [NEW] add counter gadget in search window (with count of founded words)
  • [FIX] plenty of fixes in code
  • [FIX] searching it's about 60% faster!
  • [FIX] in search window - it was eating all memory until the big crush of a system (sometimes ;) )
    Version - 0.4 (26 May 2000)
  • [NEW] index file and data file splitted in 26 smaller files (works much faster on slow machines)
  • [FIX] NEXT/PREV buttons works correctly (but still don't work ok on beginnining/end of dictionary)
  • [FIX] memory allocation problem fixed - Mentat 0.3 because of it crashed after few searched words
  • [NEW] working preferences (with possiblity of changing display colors)
  • [NEW] now Mentat use NFloattext.mcc (from NList package)
  • [NEW] keys arrow up/down are now always connected to main listview
  • [NEW] with Textinput version text gadget is always active
    Version - 0.3 (6 May 2000)
  • [FIX] few enforcer hits fixed
  • [NEW] new Related Words listview
  • [FIX] menu problem fixed
  • [NEW] now you can search words like "command2" (2 means - find second meaning of word "command")
  • [NEW] now you can walk thrue dictionary with Next/Prev buttons

Know Bugs

    Version - 0.7 (25 Jan 2002)
  • on end/beginning of the dictionary Mentat claims there is no word (to be fixed)
  • in Textinput version there are 3 enforcer (read) heats - it's a problem of Textinput class

(c) 2000-2002 Adrian (Sauron) Siemieniak
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